• To act as an open forum for two-way discussion on health and safety issues between representatives from Local Businesses. HSE and Harrogate Borough Council’s Health and Safety Enforcement Team. 


  • To act as a focal point for the exchange of views and information relating to health and safety.


  • To develop initiatives that assist local businesses in interpreting and complying with Health and Safety Legislation.  These may include:

    - development and production of practical guidance;
    - assessing and responding to local training needs;
    - consultation on national and local health and safety topics;
    - providing updated information on current health and safety aspects;
    - disseminating health and safety information and inform the local trade as appropriate e.g. communicating legislative changes and Government advice.



Membership of the Forum is:


  • Free;


  • Open to any business of any size, including those in the voluntary sector;


  • Inclusive of all ethnic and other minority groups.


Operation of the Forum

The Forum is a non-profit making group and non-party political body. The Forum membership will consist of a “Management Team Members “and “Participating Members”.


Attendance at forum events will be at a nominal charge, to cover the Forums running costs. The fee will be reviewed at management team meeting.

Event Brite will be used to allow members to book onto events and to collect the attendance fee. Management Team members will be allowed to attend events free of charge.

The forum will not give direct advice to any individual or company on a specific Health and Safety matter, the events will be about general way of complying.



Management Team (MT)


Organisation of Forum events will be carried out by the “Management Team” which will comprise of volunteer representatives from the list of participating members, officers from the Health and  safety Executive and Harrogate Borough Council. The management team will consist of a maximum of 20 people.


The forum will maintain insurance to indemnify the management team for performing their role.


The Chair of the Management Team and Deputy Chair, will, wherever possible, be representatives from local businesses. These positions will be subject to an annual review, undertaken on the 1st of January. Other key posts will also be reviewed annually. Details of these post will be held on a separate list along with their roles and responsibilities. The HSE and LA representatives will be appointed by their relevant organisation. All other key posts will be open to all management team members. Members may volunteer themselves for a post, where more than one volunteer is received the secretary will organise an election via email.


Any decision taken by the management team must be taken at a meeting of a quorum meeting, or by email vote which a quorum number of team members may take part – Quorum being ¼ of the management team or five members.


If a volunteer cannot be found for a key post then a participating member may be co-opted into the post. That person will not be a full member of the team, they will have no vote on any issue and their attendance at a meeting cannot be counted towards the quorum number.


Other members of the Management Team may be appointed to lead on particular events that are being organised. Harrogate Borough Council will support the Management Team, with regard to the administration of the forum.


Any person who is part of the Management Team will not be allowed to use the Forum to further the commercial needs of the company they represent, unless their company chooses to support a Forum event. (see supporting an event). The Management Team will meet at least every four months and more frequently if required by individual project demands. The team will aim to organise at least three events per year.


Where Management Team members cannot attend meetings, apologies should be forwarded prior to the meeting. Where a Management Team member fails to send apologies more than twice in a one year period, it will be presumed they no longer wish to be part of the Management Team, but will still be considered a “Participating Member” until otherwise instructed. As free attendance at events is given to management team members, they must attend at least one management team meeting at the discretion of the management team or they will revert to being a participating member. Management Team members must not use their position to inappropriately promote their own commercial interests. Any concerns of this nature must be brought to the attention of the chair or secretary.


The choice of initiatives and/or events will be agreed upon by the Management Team and will reflect the views of the Participating Members, resources and expertise available to the forum. The Forum will endeavour to ensure equal opportunity for everyone irrespective of any individual’s physical ability, age, race, gender etc. The local and national thinking and priorities will inform all Forum Work.


Participating Members (PM)


Any business/person that attends a forum event will become a participating member, if you give your consent.


When you become a participating member of the forum, we may need to keep some of your personal information. This could include your name, postal address, preferred telephone number and e-mail address. The legal basis for our holding and processing your personal information is that we have a contractual agreement with you. As part of this agreement, we will share with you Health and safety information and events.


We will not use your personal information for any automated decision-making or profiling and will never share any of your personal details with any third party without your consent. However, it is possible that we might have to disclose information for legal purposes.


Where a participating member wishes to become a part of the Management Team, this will be possible, so long as numbers on the existing Management Team do not exceed 20. Management Team Members will not be allowed to use the forum to promote their own financial interest in an inappropriate way.


If any business wishes to be removed from the mailing list this can be arranged by contacting the Forum facilitator davidbrown@dbrsm.co.uk. If you cease to be a member of the forum, we will retain your personal information but only if you have asked us to.  




Supporting a Forum event


As membership of the Health and Safety Forum is FREE, in an effort to keep attendance cost as low as possible any business wishing to support by sponsorship or partnership of the forum will be welcomed.


The management team are aware that in order for any business to consider supporting an event it will look for a business benefit, therefore the following has been agreed:


  • Recognition of their business as the supporter in any information/publicity sent out leading up to the event  they are a supporting


  • Insertion of information about their business including website link, email address and contact number in information sent out to Forum members.


  • Where appropriate, to use a representative from the business supporting the event as a speaker.


  • The Sponsor will be given an exhibition space to promote their company / services at the event.


  • The cost of being a supporter will be agreed and reviewed annually by the management team.


Exhibiting at a Forum event


  • In recognition of their participation, speakers at an event will be allowed an exhibition space free of charge to promote their company / services.


  • Any company/service relevant to the event who wishes to become an exhibitor and whose attendance the event co-ordinator thinks will add value, will be allowed to purchase a small exhibition space (1 mtr.x 2 mtr. table) on the day of the event for a nominal fee.


  • The cost of exhibiting will be agreed and reviewed annually by the management team.


The terms of reference will be reviewed annually by the Management Team and updated as necessary.